The beginning of the journey toward high reliability is an understanding of how humans behave and act—our proprietary methods utilize Human Factors Analysis derived from decades of military and private industry experience. 

We work with clients in complex, high-risk organizations to improve performance by helping them understand how humans behave and act. Our proprietary methods using Human Factors Analysis are derived from years of military and private industry experience. 

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Break through Safety Plateaus

Are you frustrated that your organization’s safety performance is not improving, even though you have a robust incident investigation program in place?

We work with companies that routinely use standard problem-solving techniques like Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys but are still not getting the results they need. Understanding that over 90% of accidents involve human factors, we help you learn how humans make decisions and how to embrace error in order to achieve better results.


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Develop a Culture of Leadership

Does your culture promote accountability at every level? Do you feel your organization should evaluate the system as much as the individual after an incident?

We help organizations develop a culture of leadership and accountability where ALL employees take responsibility for decisions that are made and the performance that results. We teach you to understand the interface between people, equipment and processes to identify gaps and develop an improvement strategy.


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Improve Organizational Health

Do you work in a well-performing complex organization that wants to get better but struggles to figure out how? 

We help turn high-reliability organizations into peak performers by studying and improving the elements of human contribution. By evaluating organizational processes and practices Vetergy helps organizations like yours understand and correct human behavioral, leadership and cultural drivers that affect performance.


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If High Reliability Is Your Business ... Think Vetergy

We help uncover and break through persistent barriers to good individual decision-making in situations where risk is high. Our clients benefit by seeing a reduction in incidents, an improvement in workplace safety, and an increase of positive gains in workplace productivity.


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The Voice of Vetergy: Always Said Best by Our Partners

“We believe that the majority of our process safety incidents are initiated by human error.”

Director, Global Process Safety Center of Excellence

We see human factors analysis as the next thing in advancing our safety performance.”

Vice President, EHS Business Partner

Because our consultants are highly experienced military leaders and motivators, our proven techniques are more effective than a purely academic approach.

David Wilbur, CEO & Founder, Vetergy Group

LCA and member companies with the best safety records view human organizational performance as a comprehensive and holistic safety excellence system with proven results that can take a facility to a different (much better) level of safety.”

Edward Flynn, VP, Louisiana Chemical Association

“We continually see that team members get energized through our personal application of expertise.”

David Wilbur, CEO & Founder, Vetergy Group