In high-reliability organizations, error can have devastating consequences on people, operations and the environment.

Breaking through safety plateaus starts with a discovery phase to help your organization understand how humans behave and act, and their contribution to failures.

Vetergy specializes in Human Factors as a component of Operational Resilience. Our methodology combines proven best practices formed through decades of leading large scale operations in both military and private sector high risk industries.


The HFACS Methodology

At Vetergy Group, we rely on tools and methodologies using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) to conduct deep investigations that lead to proactive solutions. Our processes guide organizations to uncover human factors and identify meaningful corrective actions. Deeper insights lead to broader solutions which can prevent an impending disaster before it occurs.

HFACS has its roots in military and commercial aviation communities seeking to understand the human influences on failures. Due to the exceptional success in improving safety and operational performance in these sectors, this approach to human factors analysis has become a model for all industries seeking to achieve highly reliable and resilient operations.

Our exclusive HFACS process is coupled with a detailed taxonomy of human factors to help organizations dig deeply into the latent precursors to failure that have sweeping influence in the organization. Our approach is founded on proven methodologies gained from our experience in conducting accident investigations in military and commercial aviation and nuclear power.


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Human Factors Training

Vetergy Group offers training at regularly-scheduled public courses, or through an on-site course tailored specifically for your organization.

HFACS training is intended for all persons who investigate, report and analyze incidents and mishaps. We have tailored our training to address the specific needs of persons assigned to root cause analysis teams and formal safety investigation boards following all types of incidents.

Public courses leverage multiple methods of performing RCA or root cause problem solving such as, 5-whys, fishbone analysis, cause/effect analysis, cause or fault mapping or why tree and teaches how to incorporate HFACS into these methods to improve incident understanding. An onsite course focuses specifically on the RCA method utilized in your organization to provide a more tailored approach.

Our trainers have advanced educations through the School of Aviation Safety and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and we have extensive domestic and international experience developing programs for complex mishap investigations involving human error.


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Incident Investigations

Vetergy Group can assist with incident investigations in two ways:

  • We conduct incident investigations as an independent third party. Business ethics, public perception and often regulators require an unbiased and independent assessment, particularly when there have been injuries or environmental damage.
  • We perform a supporting role, where we complement your team. Our expertise ensures that an investigation process is thorough and conducted using best practices from HFACS.

By incorporating HFACS into the incident investigation process and applying Human Factors Analysis taxonomy and process, Vetergy Group helps you understand the human contribution to organizational performance, improve causal analysis and gain insight into connections between seemingly unrelated incidents.


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Incident Review Workshop

Are you experiencing human-related operational incidents and high-potential near misses? As a leader, do you seek to understand and correct the human behavior, leadership and cultural drivers yielding performance outcomes?

Vetergy Group offers facilitated investigation workshops aimed at providing a demonstration for the student investigators on how to evaluate Human Factors as a part of a Root Cause Analysis investigation. This workshop is conducted by a certified instructor using either a real-world incident or one of your previously investigated incidents in order to highlight the unique findings discoverable through HFA.

Our workshops help identify common human behavioral causal elements including supervisory and organizational influences to outline opportunities for improvement.


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