Transforming your organization into one that is Operationally Resilient is no easy task. It begins with a desire to improve and a discarding of past failures as you travel on the path to organizational transformation. Ownership and accountability begin with your leadership team.

Vetergy Group’s programs for Leadership and Culture development provide organization-wide value which is aligned with business priorities and integrated into an organization’s operations management process.

Our Competency Assurance programs instill confidence in your organization’s personnel to help them reach new levels of performance and efficiency. With these programs in place, your organization can reach a new standard in Organizational Health to help you perform better and outflank your competition.

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Climate Survey

Vetergy Group’s cultural assessment and supporting workshops help measure and improve cultural aspects of an organization’s tendency towards resilience.

Evaluating the organizational culture provides an insightful glimpse into the operation and exposes valuable opportunities for preemptive intervention.

Let Vetergy Group provide insights to your organization through our culture survey - it may be the first step you take on the journey to Operational Resilience and Systemic Reliability!


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Culture Workshop

Are you on a quest to understand and enhance human reliability in your operations so that performance and safety go up?

Transforming business culture requires time, persistence, and leadership commitment. Cultural change is indistinct and dynamic but grounded in foundational principles. It requires a detached and unbiased operational vantage with an expert eye for success.

Vetergy Group operationalizes leadership in complex organizations. We help you build a culture of leadership and leadership of culture. Our development programs provide organizational-wide value that is aligned with business priorities and integrated with your company’s overall operations management process.


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Competence Assurance

Our Competency Assurance program instills confidence in your organization’s personnel to help them reach new levels of performance and efficiency.

Often confused, competency and training are two different things. Training is designed to enhance a person’s knowledge so it can be applied in practice. But a trained person is not necessarily a competent one.

Competency measures a person’s skill, knowledge and abilities in a practical setting to show that the person can perform the tasks that they were trained to do.


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