Error describes something that is not correct, or a mistake, such as a wrong decision or action. Failure is the lack of success—and this is a measurable output where objectives were not met.

It’s common for organizations to punish people for making mistakes—instead of blaming the system that produced the outcome. With an HFACS foundation in place, your organization has learned to accept that human error cannot be eliminated and that it should be embraced as a system product rather than an obstacle.

You are now ready to implement and promote a culture of transparency, problem solving and improvement. Leading this shift begins at the organizational level with an operational assessment, followed by procedure modernization, and progressing into an understanding of the role of culture and how it influences decisions and actions.

Mining engineer directing a line of mining trucks in the field

Operational Assessment

By evaluating organizational processes and practices in complex organizations, an operational assessment helps management teams understand and correct human behavioral, leadership and cultural drivers that affect performance. A Vetergy Group on-site assessment expands outside of incident causation and explores deeper cultural and leadership markers. It is a preemptive holistic look into an organization’s operating system to assess programs and continuities.

A successful operational assessment identifies:

  • Opportunities to increase leadership effectiveness through high-functioning teams, clarity of purpose, communication and synchronization
  • Methods to decrease incidents along with a corresponding increase in safety performance
  • A means of cultural transformation with increased morale and loyalty, reduced turnover and top talent attraction

By studying and improving the human contribution to organizational performance, we help our clients run reliably at peak performance and achieve industry-leading results.


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A leadership coach speaking at a safety workshop

Leadership Development & Coaching

At Vetergy Group we understand that good leadership is the cornerstone to operational resilience. No program will realize its full value without the commitment, resolve and example established by all levels of leadership.

Our leadership development programs leverage modern assessment tools to establish a baseline and configure programs. The program then helps organizations develop a top-down culture that breeds a bottoms-up emergence of reliability and resilience. Our coaches deliver practical lessons in leadership through instruction, coaching, evaluation and adjustment across our core leadership values and practices.

Companies and management teams that embrace leadership development programs typically see value enhancement through:

Our goal is to help your organization emerge as an operationally-resilient entity with an enlightened leadership team. One that is able to adapt to change and embrace human error - resulting in a safer, more productive and better place to work.


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Procedure Modernization

What? An incident causal factor was an employee not following procedures?

Too often this is the case but clear, dependable work standards can provide the foundation for systemic reliability of assets, process and people. 

At Vetergy, our procedure modernization program drives broad improvement in your organization and furthers your efforts toward systemic reliability.

By modernizing work standards, practices and procedures you can expect to achieve predictable systemic reliability through:

  • Heightened control of work
  • Networked change management
  • Enhanced organizational learning
  • Focused training and competency assurance


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