What We are Doing

Virtual platforms

We are accustomed to working in global, distributed networks. From our beginning, we designed Vetergy to work that way. This has allowed us to maintain our staffing and expertise with no disruption to our services. Additionally, we have mirrored our products to continue to provide the same quality of evaluation, training, investigation support, and coaching optimized for virtual platforms and tailored to meet your needs. This includes:

  • Rescheduling on-site events to future operations
  • Making our services available via remote engagement platforms
  • Providing opportunities to share best practices, lessons learned, and other recommendations via webinars, blog posts, case studies, leadership discussions, and workshops
  • Offering our Operational Resiliency Index benchmark survey at no-cost to help you use the current disruption to learn and adapt

Phased Approach

As we prepare for the next normal, we are implementing a phased approach to reintegrating our services while adapted to comply with client/ location specific guidance. This includes:

  • Emphasizing our Open/ Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy to mitigate any pressure on our consultants who might be experiencing illness symptoms to stay at home or return home
  • Providing educational support and routinely sharing best practices for personal hygiene along with supplying hand sanitizer or masks to our consultants in the field
  • Limiting face-to-face contact and observing social distancing techniques during in-person meetings
  • Following the Center for Disease Control guidelines along with federal, state and local restrictions and complying with direction on the use of Personal Protective Equipment

A true test of leadership is how to use chaos to create opportunity. On a positive note, a new and better normal is not far away; until then we must remain vigilant, deliberate and optimistic.

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