Operational Effects of COVID that You Cannot See

2020 challenged organizational leaders around the globe in ways we had not imagined. The results are a metaphorical tip-of-the-iceberg hiding what lurks below the surface.

 Among its macro-level impacts, COVID-19 has made deviation from operational standards too easy… or even allowed.  In 2021, we encourage you to surface these hidden effects and unlock your organization’s full potential. 

By digging deeper into the human contribution to organizational performance, Vetergy helps our clients run at peak performance and achieve industry-leading results.   

Through Human Factors Analysis, we rely on tools and methodologies using a classification system to conduct deep investigations leading to proactive solutions. Deeper insights lead to broader solutions which can prevent an impending disaster before it occurs.  

Coupled with understanding human error and its place in your organization, Vetergy understands that good leadership is the cornerstone to operational resilience. No program will realize its full value without the commitment, resolve and example established by all levels of leadership. 

Finally, by evaluating organizational processes and practices in complex organizations, our operational assessment helps leadership teams understand and correct human behavioral, leadership and cultural drivers affecting performance. Vetergy’s on-site assessment expands outside of incident causation and explores deeper cultural and leadership markers. It is a preemptive holistic look into an organization’s operating system to assess programs and continuities. 

A successful operational assessment identifies: 

  • Opportunities to increase leadership effectiveness through high-functioning teams, clarity of purpose, communication and synchronization
  • Methods to decrease incidents along with a corresponding increase in safety performance
  • A means of cultural transformation with increased morale and loyalty, reduced turnover and top talent attraction



 Vetergy Group specializes in uncovering the depth of your organizational iceberg to diagnose and surface your full capability. For a glimpse into your organizational health, we invite you to take our simple self-assessment.  Through your tailored survey, we will review the subtle signals for where to dig deeper.  

Click HERE to start your self-assessment for a glimpse into your organization.

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